Plan Your Trip

This year’s crawl will have in-shop and online options.

Before you hit the road make sure you do these key things:

  • Passports for prize entries:  We’re going digital! See the passport page for more info.
  • Favorite the yarn stores involved on Ravelry
  • Plot your best route for hitting all the shops  – see our Map page for a quick reference.
    • Each shop has a plan in place to keep customers safe during their visit.  You can review their plans on their individual shop pages.

Once you’re on the crawl:

  • Ask the yarn shop where the best places to eat, drink coffee, and buy books are. They’ll have the best recommendations for their town!
  • Sign up for each shop’s email list for more information!
  • Take lots of pictures in and around the shops, post them to social media if you wish and tag them with #HAK2023.
  • Scan the QR code at the live event or in the shop so you can ‘add’ that visit to your digital passport.

At the end of the crawl:

  • Tell your friends how much fun you had!
  • Post a picture of your haul on Facebook or Instagram and tag it #HAK2023.
  • Winners will be drawn from your digital entries at the conclusion of the yarn crawl and winners will be notified.