Digital Passports for HAK2020!

This year, there will be virtual and in-shop yarn crawl options and events at participating shops. So, we’re taking our passports digital!

When you visit a shop in person or attend one of the shop’s virtual events, they will have a QR code for you to scan. Each shop has its own unique code for HAK2020. That QR code will take you to an online entry form that you can fill out. Filling out the form will act as your ‘digital stamp’ for the visit to that shop. Your digital passport will be complete when you scan the unique QR code for each shop.

Shops Open & Participating in HAK2020
Cowgirl Yarn
Ewe Count
Longmont Yarn Shoppe
The Stitchin’ Den
Your Daily Fiber

Shops Open, but Not Participating in HAK2020
Visit links for shop owner statements
My Sister Knits
The Loopy Ewe


QR Code & Virtual Passport Practice & Support

The image on the right is a QR code. These codes can contain different types of information. This example contains a link to an example HAK2020 passport entry form.

To read the code, you need an app on your smart phone. Some phones already have the app built in, but others may need to download one. Generally speaking, iPhones with iOS11 or newer and Android phones with Android 8/Oreo or newer can read QR codes without installing an app.

To prepare for the yarn crawl, first check to see if your phone can already read the QR code.  If it can’t, then you’ll have to download and install one.  Don’t worry!  We’ll walk you through it.

Check to see if your phone can read the QR code
Open your phone’s camera and point it at the QR code above. Make sure the code fills most of your camera screen and hold your phone steady! A link will appear on your screen after a few moments if your phone can read the code. Click on the link to open a practice HAK entry form. If you get that far, then you’re ready for the crawl!

Note – on some Android phones, you may need to enable the QR code reader in your phone’s settings. There are too many phones for us to try to provide support for all of them. So, if you’re not certain what to do, you can always just follow the steps below to download a QR code reader. It won’t hurt your phone even if you have a built-in app.

Download a QR Code Reader App
If a link doesn’t show up on your camera screen, you probably need to download an app. Visit your phone’s app store to download the FREE Kaspersky’s QR Code Reader & Scanner app. We are recommending Kaspersky’s because it has digital security features.
— — Apple iPhone phones: Kaspersky’s QR Scanner
— — Android phones: Kaspersky’s QR Code Reader and Scanner

Test Your QR Code Reader App
Now that you’ve downloaded the app, open it and go through the opening screens. Make sure to allow the app to access your camera/take photos & videos. Once you allow that, you will see your camera screen. Point your phone at the practice QR code above. In about 2-3 seconds, you will either see a URL popup on your screen OR your phone will automatically load the website that the URL points to. You can fill out the practice entry form if you like. Congratulations! You’re now ready for the yarn crawl.

Get Additional Help
If you’re still not able to read the practice QR code, we can provide more help. Contact and provide your phone number and a good time to call. We’ll call back and try to help!

Check out our Plan Your Trip tips for a more successful yarn crawl.

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